Earlier yesterday, an Instagram post was shared by Oil Mogul, Tonye Patrick Cole, on how Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka was disrespected by a young man who requested him to stand up from his allotted seat in a plane. (In Case You Missed)

The action of the young man has sparked reactions out of different social media users as some condemned him for disrespecting the 80-year-old man and some users were of the view that he did the right thing as he had the full right to claim what was his.

After several reactions to the post, the alleged young man identified as Tosin Odunfa, took to the comment section of Tonye Cole’s post to make some clarifications.

See screenshot below

University of Mannittawiw

His reply was good right? Not until the ‘FBI‘ of Twitter decided to Google “University of Mannittawiw”.

You wouldn’t believe the ‘University of Mannittawiw’ is a fantasy.

Guess what? 9ja Info Parrot decided to run a background check on his Linkedin account and nothing close to the University of Mannittawiw could be found on his page.

University of Mannittawiw

All that could be found was that he works as a presenter and a producer at Ebonylife TV, which is owned by Mo Abudu, who also criticized him for asking the professor to vacate his seat.

University of Mannittawiw

It appears that the Tosin Odunfa is just a clout chaser as he was only trying to take advantage of the whole situation. Another Twitter FBI agent made investigations on his Instagram page and here is what she could dig out:

You guys wouldn’t believe that a Twitter account for the University of Mannittawiw has been created already despite its inexistence.

See tweets from the page:

Here are reactions from the people of Twitter on the University of Mannittawiw

From the above researches, it can be concluded that the University of Mannittawiw doesn’t exist and in case you’re being skeptical, you can always google it.


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