Oluwaforijimi Adewale Amu, Legendary Nigerian Disc-Jockey popularly known as DJ Jimmy Jatt has offered a piece of advice to people who are quick to jump into conclusions and also people who feel entitled to other’s wealth.
The legendary DJ took to his Twitter page some hours ago to share his thoughts with his Twitter followers and offering them his admonishment on the topic which is a serious matter of concern especially in Nigeria. DJ Jimmy Jatt revealed everyone faces their problems and difficult phases in life and just because you do not get a response at a particular time you need their help does not mean they are disregarding you intentionally. He writes that a rich person could be broke too and one shouldn’t assume their intentions in not wanting to help financially.
He wrote; “Everyone is going through a phase or something bothering them, don’t assume they are rich and they don’t want to give you money”