Big Brother Naija 2019 controversial housemate, Tacha has been making rounds on social media since she snubbed 2baba’s handshake.

Yesterday, Big Brother Naija welcomed the Nigerian veteran singer, 2baba. The legend celebrated his birthday in the house and the party was beyond superb and it was really a good moment for 2face and the remaining housemates.

A video which emerged online showed that Tacha ‘snubbed’ 2baba’s attempt to give her a ‘hi 5’ has gone viral online and Nigerians are reacting to it.

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Imagine the nonsense responses am reading here……her mind wasn’t there? Like seriously? 2baba in da building of just few people….and he was saying hi to everyone and Tasha snubbed him ….I mean for real? And someone is saying she didn’t do it on purpose…goshhhh

When they heard Biggie’s voice she ran to go look for a chair and sit because she (they) thought biggie wanted to freeze them. If you watch well, you would see Cindy running too….what would you say was chasing Cindy?

It obvious you didnt watch it…so enjoy your narrative…they were all running to get sits thinking biggie wanted to freeze them so she didn’t even see 2face coming but it okay…

Don’t mind these Tacha fans, their Favourite can never do wrong. That was definitely a snub even 2baba was shocked.

Titans no need to troll.. Imagine this one that probably didn’t watch the show….because he or she can’t afford DStv or Gotv, Posting a short clip….and insulting tacha.

I don’t think you guys watched when this happened live. While 2face was trying to give hi5, Biggie said Housemates and I guess they thought he was going to tell them to freeze, so most of them tried to get a seat. It wasn’t intentional.

Did you watch that party or just on Twitter? Cz it’s only someone that watched on Twitter that will tweet this after this girl was excited and blushing just Cz of him being in the house.

She did not do it on purpose, immediately she heard Big Brother voice,she moved thinking they want be freezed#bbnaija,at least I watched that part

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