Nigerian singer and songwriter, Simi, has finally come out of her shell to react to an Instagram callout by Naira Marley, who claimed she subbed him when they met at a party simply because of his support for internet fraud.

Singer, Simi Finally Speaks On Snubbing Naira Marley

Naira Marley justified internet fraud with the history behind slavery just a few days after Simi condemned ‘Yahoo’ boys and told them not to buy her songs due to the shame they bring upon the country.

Claiming Simi snubbed him at the party, Naira Marley wrote;

”Simi I don’t Give a fvckAbout your Marriage I saw you and Asked you a question and you were acting up”

During an interview with Beat FM, Simi disclosed that she couldn’t remember having eye contact with Naira Marley at the event she allegedly snubbed him.

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Singer, Simi Finally Speaks On Snubbing Naira Marley

“To be honest with you, I have zero issues with Naira Marley, I don’t have anything against him, he is not my enemy. We are not friends, we are not enemies. I saw him coming, we did not make eyes contacts, he did not talk to me, I did not talk to him. It is funny because he didn’t do anything to me, he did not directly disrespect me…he is not the first person that would say what he is saying.

“I’m not a stupid person, I’m not going to antagonize you because I’m not dumb. I like to mind my business. Probably he saw something and said something else. But he never spoke to me, he didn’t approach me and I saw that and I said whatever makes you happy. And for me I’m a big picture person, I look at the big picture and if you are not in the picture, I’m not going to stress myself,” she said.

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