It seems Simi was born with ‘savagery’ in her DNA, she has always made sure everyone who boldly entered her den never made it out as expected.Simi At It Again: Read This Savage Response For Those Who Said 'Simi Can't Dress'

Several people have condemned the songbird for her fashion sense as some considered it to be distasteful and disgusting but Simi has been keeping mute not until she chose to reply in a new Instagram post and the blow was a heavy one.

She captioned the above photo, “Simi can’t dress”… Shey daddy e lo’n ra so fun mi ni 😂 (Is it your dad who buys me clothes)

Simi At It Again: Read This Savage Response For Those Who Said 'Simi Can't Dress'

She also made it known that the only reason she got married was to wear Adekunle Gold’s clothes and never give them back. She wrote;

only reason I got married was so I could wear all his clothes and never give them back. that’s the only reason he didn’t want to get married. so love is compromise. compromise is her having her way.

Here are some reactions to her post

”No, but still doesn’t change the fact that you can’t dress. Doesn’t matter you’re still my fav artist from naija”

Lol yes I love u we love u but the truth is u no sabi dress…that’s just it..u dress like drug addicts 😂😀

Why wee you wear crop top when you are pregnant? Please stop this behaviour 😒

But when I met you at the gym you were so on point! ❤ Social life differ from real life

Simi I no deh understand u for dressing ooo

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