Nigerian author and aide to the former President, Reno Omokri has called on the President, Muhammadu Buhari to place a ban on Sniper which many have seen as an ingredient of depriving themselves the right to life.

Reno Omokri Advises President Buhari On The Ban Of Sniper

In a recent Twitter outcry, he called on the president to address the nation which is currently experiencing an alarming rate of suicide via the intake of Sniper.

‘Dear President @MBuhari,

SUICIDE is at epidemic levels. I urge you to set up a National Suicide Prevention Team. Ban sales of SNIPER and similar substances. But most importantly, address the nation and give hope to the hopeless. God bless you.”

In reply to an attack that Sniper is not the problem behind suicide and so should not be banned. Reno wrote;

Nigerians argue anyhow. Who has said sniper is the problem? It is one of the challenges. We can’t do anything about all of them, but at least we can regulate pharmaceutical poisons. Anyway, reasoning with a lot of Nigerians (not all) can be very frustrating. We deserve our lot.

He added:

Many Nigerians don’t understand how the banning pharmaceuticals work. In advanced nations, substances, like sniper, are regulated. Before you can buy them, you need a certificate or a prescription. We need this. These substances shouldn’t just be available for sale to just anyone