Nigerian veteran comedian, Alibaba, has reacted to the report of Nigerian coaches requesting bribe from Bayern Munich star, David Alaba before he could represent the Golden Eaglets in 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Read Alibaba's Reaction To David Alaba's Bribe Issue With Nigerian Coaches

Recall that David Alaba vowed not to ever have anything to do with Nigerian coaches in the future. He also claimed to have trained with Palanga midfielder, Haruna Lukman Abdulkarim, UB Conquense forward, Macauley Chrisantus and Slovan Bratislava’s midfielder, Rabiu Ibrahim ahead of the 2007 World Cup.

Alibaba, in reaction to the reports, said one is being blacklisted in Nigeria if he refuses to pay a bribe. He further hinted at the constitution, saying the constitutions we’ve had were drafted by military fiats as the constitution does nothing close to addressing the issues the country is facing.

He wrote;

”That is how we roll. Halliburton bribe giver is jailed. Bribe takers not known. Virgin Nigeria, was asked for bribe, ratger than pay the bribe, the owner decided to divest. Many events have been offered some artistes, “Take 3m… sign that you took 5m”. Once you say no, you are blacklisted. So, in the end it’s not about quality… It’s conformity. And we think we have a constitution. You see, all the constitutions we have had since like forever have been by military fiats.’

”Because the politicians do not have the balls to put a constitution amendment in play. Simple as this story may sound, our people are our problems. Ban rice, they will smuggle it in. Put traffic lights, they will run it. Raise cut off Mark, they will oppose it. Ban ballot snatching, with a threat to shoot, they will ask why shoot? Not why snatch? Question source of wealth, they will say country hard. Ask why buses don’t stop at bus stop, they will say, the passengers don’t stand at bus stops…. I just tayaaaaaaa”

Read Alibaba's Reaction To David Alaba's Bribe Issue With Nigerian Coaches

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