The Managing Director of Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC), Ziad Maalouf, in his leaked mail has stated with determination to stop at nothing, to crush the dreams of Nigerians, has begun raising questions and generating controversy.

The leaked e-mail, seen to be sent to Pepsi’s Head of Depots across the country on November 13, 2019, was categorical in its intention to engage in battle, bothering on unwholesome, with Nigerians.

Below are excerpts of the leaked mail, and nagging issues that bug the mind:

“After our sales workshop day (Friday, November 1) and finance workshop day (Saturday), I decided to test our system in terms of readiness to go for WAR!!!.”

The word “WAR,” was deployed SIX TIMES throughout the entire mail, the next, appearing even more hateful than the previous. Is this still just business, or is a dangerous threshold about to be crossed?

“…it is extremely obvious to me that we are not yet ready for war BY ANY MEANS…”

BY ANY MEANS??? How open-ended is that statement? Campaigns of dangerous disinformation? Physically harmful actions capable of undermining his supposed enemies? How far would Zaid Maalouf be willing to go, to take down Nigerians who have dared to push the envelope and pursue dreams that have given them results? Where does his morality stop and the demons of his vengeful quest begin? At what point do we find this “too much” if that place does exist?

Pepsi Nigeria MD Vows To Crush Indigenous Brands
Again, I ask, “BY ANY MEANS”?????

“Let me start by explaining the competitive playground once again. This season is not like any other, so the mindset of growing vs last year, achieving budget, business as usual cost management, WILL NOT WORK!!! The outcome of this season must write the future and destiny of the 3 major competitors, along with the future of B-Brand industry (Bigger pack and lower price concept) disruptions in Nigeria. (sic)”

At what point does achieving critical benchmarks in a business year, become less important? The point at which one is consumed by the malicious desire to achieve the absolute destruction of Nigeria’s entrepreneurial spirit, even if it means applying dirty tricks and underhanded tactics? Where?

Pepsi Nigeria MD Vows To Crush Indigenous Brands

“One company will flourish. One company will diminish. One company will finish. B-Brand disruptive business model will either become a temptation for anyone who has a bit of money to start own brand in Nigeria, or it will be a curse that ensures no one takes such a decision again!!!”

“Anyone who has a bit of money”. How disdainful of Nigerians could anyone be? You believe Nigerians are not worthy of jumping into the serious end of entrepreneurship, and when they do, must be attacked most vehemently by any means necessary, to give way for our guests, most of whom are only here to do business and repatriate funds? You, Mr. Zaid, will make it a curse for Nigerians who dare to dream in their homeland? How racially condescending can a statement and intention be?

As expected, the leaked mail has begun to raise concerns among other Nigerians, who continue to express extreme discomfort and anger, at the tone of violence conveyed in the mail and what they say, is dangerous underlying intent.

At this point the general consensus appears to be, this leaked mail must be seen beyond being just another leaked information by a man feeling threatened by his position in the market space, but as Hate Speech directed against a Nation and its people, whose successes have justifiably come from simply making smart decisions, while operating within the guides of best practices, and reinvesting for further growth and expansion within the country.

Like an aggrieved Nigerian said, “this is a dangerous step towards modern-day slavery and racism.”

Pepsi Nigeria MD Vows To Crush Indigenous Brands