A parrot is now in custody for alerting drug dealers that the police were coming during a raid in Nothern Brazil.

Parrot Now In Police Custody For Alerting Drug Dealers During Raid

The bird which was apprehended after it raised an alarm that the police were coming, was shouting “Mummy, police” as soon as the security operatives arrived at a house in the Vila Irma Dulce neighbourhood of the city of Teresina. The parrot is now in custody where it was captured perched inside a chicken-wire cage before it was transferred to Teresina Zoo.

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The owner happened to be a drug dealer nicknamed ‘India’ who has been arrested twice for drug trafficking.

An officer involved in the operation said;

“He must have been trained for that,”

A local vet, Alexandre Clark also said;

 “As soon as police got close he began shouting.” “Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing,”

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