The residents of Ogun State are currently having an awful and mind-stressing experience amid the lockdown ordered by the Federal Government.

It’s been all over social media that some areas in Ogun State like Agbado, Sango, Ijoko, Adiyan, Oke-Aro, Ope-Ilu, Itoki, Abule and Ogba-Ago are experiencing late night robberies that are shaking up homes and have caused the men to be vigilantes, so as to protect their homes.

Reports had it that the thieves rob in hundreds and they even inform residents about their coming, before robberies are being carried out. The Internet is flooded with pictures of men burning tyres on the road, just to let the robbers know they’re not asleep.

A Twitter user posted a picture of him and sought the intervention of the government as the claimed that if the so-called robbers show up, there’s nothing to protect themselves with. Another user posted a video with a dark background, but noises from when robbers were trying to break down a door could be heard and the occupants of the house screaming for help could also be heard.

See the video below;


It was also reported that the robbers came with POS and ordered their victims to break their cards after every transaction.

A Twitter influencer identified as Danny Walter reported that two of the residents have been killed as well as two of the robbers.

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