The word ‘magic’ bring thoughts of sleight of hand, tricks and illusion. Its concept is ancient and has over 70,000-year-old legacy.

Magic in West Africa has been perceived by so many as tricks, illusions, evil or even sorcery but there is this young Nigerian who has an entirely different perspective of magic.

19-year-old Babatunde Kasumu, popularly known as Babs Cardini, has Lazarused a branch of Nigeria’s entertainment industry with his amazing tricks on the streets of Lagos.

Babs Cardini is the new internet sensation as he has gained massive offline and online recognition with magic. He started magic at age 16 and his attempts to raise the dead magic entertainment in Nigeria have been top-notch

Babs recently featured on BBC News Africa, where he wowed the people with his flawless tricks and made known his dream to take magic in Africa on a world tour. The not-too-optimistic teenager hopes to see himself as one of the greatest magicians in the world in a few years time.

The internet sensation has been leaving people on the streets of Lagos amazed and confused by performing what he considered as ‘fun’ and he also managed to leave one of Nigeria’s biggest artiste and actor, Banky W in a confused state.

Babs obviously looks invincible in this game with his confidence, equanimity and the reactions he leaves on his victims’ faces anytime he carries out his tricks on the streets. His dream to take magic in Africa on world tour will be realised in no time.

Nigerian entertainment magic seems to have attracted a lot of people by the emergence of another young magician known as BkB Magic. His tricks are quite amazing and swift

With the emergence of this duo, magic in Nigeria and West Africa at large will now be perceived differently and be seen as a branch of entertainment rather than the voodoo or evil belief attached to it.