A die-hard Marvel fan in China was allegedly rushed to the hospital directly from the cinema after she cried profusely while seeing Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel Fan Lands In Hospital After Crying Too Hard While Watching Avengers: Endgame (Video)

The 21-year-old woman named Xiao Li was said to be seeing the newly released three-hour blockbuster in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo. It was reported that she cried continuously throughout the blockbuster and was later taken to the hospital.

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Doctors at the hospital said the patient had breathing difficulties when she was brought into the ER by her friends who had been seeing the movie with her.

‘[After we] observed her symptoms, we believed she had been crying and gasping too much, which led to shortness of breath,’ said doctor Yuan Liyan who treated Xiao Li.

Dr Yuan said the patient’s condition improved after a short while.

See the video below;

Culled from Mail Online