A Portlander has been apprehended after conceding to raping a dog and leaving it with severe internal injuries that have to make the dog undergo mercy-killing.

The man identified as Fidel Lopez was frustrated after his fiancée hesitated to respond to his calls and texts and reportedly raped the dog in the process.

Lopez told the Police that he had been drinking alcohol not until he committed the assault ”out of anger”. The dog, a  Lhasa Apso breed, ”seemed fine” after the attack, courts documents claimed.Man Rapes Dog Out Of Frustration After Fiancee Disregarded His Calls The girlfriend eventually heard Estrella (the dog) groaning under the couch and discovered blood and injuries sustained by the animal, as reported by Oregon Live.

She took the dog to a nearby animal DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital where it was decided that euthanise the animal. In accordance with reports, Lopez’s partner told nurses that her partner exhibited some ”potential bestiality tendencies.”

He had once bragged about watching other persons assault dogs sexually and would occasionally display his genitals to them, she said. He also propositioned getting a larger dog than Estrella (the allegedly raped dog), she said.

Man Rapes Dog Out Of Frustration After Fiancee Disregarded His Calls

An autopsy was carried out on the dog after she was euthanised and traces of Fidel Lopez’s DNA were found in the dog.

Lopez is recently being detained at Multnomah County Detention Center on suspicion of first-degree aggravated animal abuse and sexual assault of an animal.


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