A Twitter user identified as ‘Chi’ has allegedly locked up one ‘Deji’ for touching her breasts while she was sleeping on a bus.

Lock up deji

According to her, Deji was one of the passengers of a bus from Oshodi to Iwo and he sexually harassed her by touching her breasts while she was asleep. On noticing this, she raised an alarm but the other passengers claimed not to have seen anything.

Deji is now in the police custody and he claimed she was dreaming. In her words:

If you know any Deji that entered a bus from Oshodi to Iwo road today, please don’t be worried about him not coming home today or the next couple of days because he’s fine. He’s just been arrested for touching my breast when I was sleeping in the bus. I’ll pay his bail tomorrow.

The idiot was telling me I was dreaming. The passengers said they didn’t see anything. I felt a hand on my body I opened my eyes and saw hand on my breast and raised alarm. I was scared to be honest, he’s here begging now. People are saying I should let it go since it’s not rape.

Many people have urged her not to pay the bail and let him have some good time in the police net.

Read some comments

  • ”Let him spend a week there. It’ll help him clear his head”

  • ”A week please.”

  • ”Please let him spend at least 7days there”

  • ”Don’t pay bail o, let him stay till the weekend na”

  • ”Please let him stay for a month, he would have regained his senses by the time he comes out”

  • ”he needs more time to quarantine himself. So I think next week would be better”

I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please, don’t pay his bail yet. Let this be a “point of contact” to the thousands of men that could’ve been punished over the years. Leave him for his loved ones.”

If you pay his bail tomorrow, you’re wrong. He needs to be isolated for at least 2 weeks.

  • Let him stay small please, someone did this to me when I was ten and till now I dread sitting next to men in buses

  • How about 14 days Quarantine Queen? I mean he is really not busy outchea

  • Tomorrow? 18th of March? No na. Let him do a mini vacation pls. What is worth doing is worth doing well, Sis.

  • Be the bigger person, no one knows tomorrow Let him stay there for a couple of days, Corona virus is real out here.

  • Haba! Don’t be like that now, be the elderly one here and let him stay till Corona pandemic is over



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