Controversial and self-acclaimed investigative Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has revealed that though she may have forgiven actress, Iyabo Ojo for having a hand in her arrest last year, she still has thoughts of taking her own life.

''Iyabo Ojo Has Made Me Suicidal''- Kemi Olunyolo Cries Out

She wrote;

#IyaboOjo caused me to suffer helplessness, guilt, shame, self-blame for being an investigative journalist helping people, feeling shut-down, dissociated, avoiding people, places or situations, quick to anger and moodiness or irritability, fearfulness, Nightmares/Reliving the trauma, startle response when I hear loud noises or unexpected situations, Anxiety or Depression. I have social relationship difficulties, difficulty with short-term memory and a lost sense of purpose and a bereaved sense of self. This is why I have SUICIDAL thoughts to END IT with no money to treat. Imagine no meds work except a sedative that makes my eyes sleep15 hrs/daily side effect blinking 150 X/min. My GOD IS AWAKE.

''Iyabo Ojo Has Made Me Suicidal''- Kemi Olunyolo Cries Out

She made this known a few days after IIyabo Ojo exchanged words with her on Instagram, warning her to keep her kids off her mentions or spend more time in jail.

The duo’s rift was induced by a report by Kemi Olunyolo, that Iyabo Ojo was having an affair with one pastor Igholo. Kemi was then arrested and spent close to 8 months in jail.

Since then, she claims the actress must apologize to her, a request Iyabo has turned down.

''Iyabo Ojo Has Made Me Suicidal''- Kemi Olunyolo Cries Out

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