Popular comedian, Cute Abiola who is otherwise known as “Ankara Gucci” has allegedly been arrested by the Nigerian Navy but the reasons for his arrest are yet to be confirmed.


One report had it that the comedian was arrested because of his viral photo where he was putting on a full navy camouflage which didn’t sit well with his superiors in the Navy, and he got detained.

Another report had it that he was arrested because he failed to choose between being a Naval Officer and an entertainer, as  ordered by one of his superiors. A Captain who doesn’t like the fact that Cute Abiola is into entertainment and in the Navy at the same time.

“It’s one of his superiors oh. A Captain who has warned Abiola several times to choose between entertainment and Navy. He said him posting such photos with uniform isn’t expected of an officer”, the source said.

This report could be corroborated by an IG post that was made by the comedian sometime in 2019 where he complained about the pressure from a superior who ordered him to choose between both careers and how this has made him unhappy.

The post went thus:

“Hello everybody. I need to talk to all of you.No much introduction. You all that are following me knows me already! What I love doing is comedy and to always make you laugh. You all know that. I never want to type this but I can’t just hold it anymore.

I m in serious pain. And I am in a great fear because I am not able to focus on my comedy career like before. I am typing this with tears and a lot of depression. If not everybody. I know that some of you knows that I am a NIGERIA NAVY PERSONAL . but before I joined this job .i did not think so deep and I was carried away because of some lies I was told.

Let me keep that for now! I thought as I joined the job I would get more peace but not knowing that I actually sold my peace away!!! . I thought I would be able to do my comedy and acting together with the navy job but it’s not just easy to cope with both.

I joined this NAVY on the 7th of March 2018 if you remember very well and I come back to you guys on the 8th of September after I finished my 6month malicious training. Those that knew me as a celebrity on the training ground those days called me a fool and told me I did not plan well before joining.

I was just so depressed those days. And I moved on with faith. Because I just wanted to finished the training and know what next if I would be able to cope with my acting career and the navy . To say the fact.

This job has given me a lot of respect but all the same . You guys don’t know wat I am feeling. Let me tell you the truth . Not that I have the time . Some times I would just sneak out of my office and change up to do videos for you my fans just to remain consistent and never to make you forget Your ANKARAGUCCI .

So these days, a captain in the Navy threatens me a lot and told me to pick one. Am I choosing navy or entertainment?. That if I am to do the navy Job I must leave acting or else ……….. or else what please? for what ?

For crying out loud . I can’t leave this comedy alone . It’s what I have passion for. I have a lot of advert skit now that I never shoot and I lost my Samsung s7 edge last week . I also lost my 31 skits on it .just need to get a solution ASAP. I am not an happy man”

Although, Cute Abiola is yet to be react to the news of  his arrest.