Canada based Nigerian, Victor Niyi Micheal wrote a birthday message to his ex-teacher. In the message, he reminded the teacher, Mr Adegbola about how he humiliated him by asking a junior to beat him.

Hilarious: Nigerian Man Writes His Ex-Teacher Who Made His Junior Flog Him

The junior ate his food and Victor beat him then, however when the junior reported to the teacher, Mr Adegbola, he refused to listen to his side of the story and ordered the junior to beat him.

He wrote;

“Happy Birthday Mr Adegbola (aka Reverend). My former teacher at St Peters Akure. You clearly must have forgotten this but I wish to remind you quickly Sir. Back then in SPUSSA Akure (in the year 1999/2000).

“I beat a junior who ate my food and the junior went to report me to you sir at the Quarters you were living then (Opposite Yellow House). You didn’t even hear my side of the story. You ordered me to lie down and gave the van go that junior to beat me, the boy was shocked because he wasn’t expecting that.

“You said you will flog him if he doesn’t do the flogging, the boy had to do it but later in the night, in my room at “yellow house” then, the boy came to me, he prostrated to beg me that he didn’t know it will turn out like that

“The name of the boy is Rufus. I will never forget, I felt violated if anything at all, You should do the flogging. It is totally wrong for you to have my junior (who ate my food) to flog me. Just because a junior reported a senior doesn’t automatically make him right. I won’t forget it but all the same. Happy Birthday to you.”

Hilarious: Nigerian Man Writes His Ex-Teacher Who Made His Junior Flog Him