The sex-for-grades has been a trending topic since BBC Africa made some shocking revelations involving prestigious universities in West Africa.

Quite a number of victims of sex-for-grades have spoken out after BBC paved the way through the release of the video on the 7th of October and the social media have been flooded by the experiences shared by different female university students.

A Nigerian lady identified as Busayo recently leaked screenshots of her chat with one of her lecturers who she accused of failing her after she refused to have sex with him.

From the conversation, it could be deduced that the lecturer was trying to ‘beg for forgiveness’ from Busayo, but she was having none of that BS.

Busayo in the conversation called the lecturer names, apparently, she’s still angered by the treatment Mr. Abdul meted on her.

“I really don’t think you deserve all this. Stop being like this. Seeing you is for just to beg for your forgiveness. Not good to sound this way”, reads a message Mr. Adbul sent to her.

Read the conversation

In reaction to the post, a reasonable number of the commenters claimed the headline was wrong and it was supposed to be that he failed her after sleeping with her.

Someone said: Hmm for him to plead,means you guys agreed on something and it didn’t go as plan Corrected caption: Conversation between I and one of my lecturers who failed me in his course after sleeping with him.

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