Popular Nigerian male barbie and cross-dresser, Bobrisky, has taken to his Instagram page to refer to himself as a transgender and as always, many people find this amusing.

When it comes to being controversial, Bobrisky tops the league. From claiming to have a girlfriend to claiming to be a second wife to some rich man, Bobrisky’s identity crises have always been a thing of concern.

Well, it appears he is finally coming to terms with how he would love to be identified and with this, cleared the confusion about his gender.

In a recent post, he referred to himself as transgender while bragging about his cooking skills. Sharing a video of himself cooking, he wrote: “What a woman can do, a transgender can do better. Don’t laugh. “

Recall that Bobrisky was recently called out by a dental surgeon who accused him of owing her 8 million naira.

She wrote: ”I struggled not to do this but I couldn’t stand people that conned me, dancing right in front of my face just to humiliate me more. Couple of months ago bobrisky blocked me after threatening him that I would call on Nigerian bloggers to help me get my monies back from him/her. Bob and I got talking and he told me that he wouldn’t mind getting surgery done to improve his/her femininity to stop being ridiculed in Nigerian community as “ugly gay”. I felt sorry for him and told him that I can only loan him some money and that he must repay me before December 2018, he agreed and was over the moon. I got two transfers done for him, N2.5m and N5.5m. August 2018 he stopped calling me as usual and started replying my messages with “hmmmmm and Ok”. October 2018 I reminded him that I would need the money for some charity work and he stopped speaking to me totally up till date. You wonder why people are so mean financially to others these days. It breaks my heart as Nigerian justice system is zero and by the looks of things I would never have my money back🤷🏿‍♀️😢

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