In the previous episode, we saw the ‘Game Of Thrones’ start again after the livings’ battle with the dead. Daenaerys stubbornly makes the North and her unsullied head south to Kingslanding (Westeros).Game of Thrones

Arya also heads South hoping to close the final eye colour, green (which we suspect to be Cersei’s); the Hound(Sandor Clegane) also heads South to kill his brother, the Mountain(Gregor Clegane).

Euron Greyjoy made sure he left about 5 dragon spears in one of the dragons (Rhaegal) as it fell to its death, leaving one last dragon (Drogon).

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

In the mother of dragons doggedness, not just her baby dies but her most trusted adviser(Missandei), whose last word(DRACARYS) was a great commission, dies.

In this light, will Daenerys honour Missandei’s “last word”? well its highly likely she will.

Whose Green eyes will Arya close?

Find out in the Next Episode…

Game of Thrones